Kitesurfing in Western Australia

created on: 2010-12-13

In the beginning of November we stayed around two weeks at Cape Range National Park. We stayed there on quite cheap campgrounds. There were no facilities except toilets, but who needs a shower when he can go kitesurfing every day. To get some supplies we went to Exmouth which was a one hour drive away from the park. We only had to do this once, because we can carry water and food for one week. For Kitesurfing this was the best spot on the West coast of Australia so far. The first couple of days we stayed at Tulki Beach which was realy nice for kiting. Later we went to a kitespot called Sandy Bay for which Exmouth is famous. The bay is protected by a small sand dune, that results in really flat water. The wind was also most times quite strong. In such good conditions it was very easy to improve our kitesurfing skills.

Our next stop on our way down the coast was in Coral Bay. We stayed there in a caravan park and had there our first warm shower for more than two weeks. There is also a kite spot north of the bay. It takes about 10 minutes by foot to get there. You will find there a small lagoon with flat water. Because the lagoon is a shark nursery you should not kite there if you see a shark.

In Coral Bay we heard from a Swiss Guy that we should go to Coronation Beach because it’s the spot with the strongest wind on the whole West coast of Australia. On the way down we made a short stop at the Principality of Hutt River and got our Passports stamped. On our first day in Coronation Beach we had a small Kitesurfing session but then there was no wind for the next couple of days. Usually the wind blows with up to 30 Knots. That would be too much for our Kites anyway so we decided to move on to Lancelin where the wind shouldn’t be that strong. We stayed one day in Geraldton to get some supplies and check if the kite spots would have some affordable kites for strong wind. But compared to Europe Kites are really expensive in Australia, so we didn’t buy one.

In Lancelin we met old friends from Port Douglas. Al and Kelly got now their own Kiteschool and stay here for the wind season. We found a campground very close to the beach. We stayed here now here for more than a week and we will stay a couple more days. We met here some really cool People and where also really surprised to met some friends from Exmouth again.

There are two kite spots in Lancelin. We prefer the one north of town because it’s very close to the campground and doesn’t have so much seaweed at the beach. The advantage of the one south of town is that the water is a little bit flatter than on our spot.


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