Kitetrail x2

created on: 2011-03-23

In mid February we came back to Perth from our trip to south-east Asia. We spent some nice days near Margaret River with our friends from Lancelin and had some fantastic kite sessions in Augusta on completely flat water.

A few days later it was time for us to start our trip to Sydney.

Kitetrail changed a little the last week. In Sydney we meet Anja again, who spent the last couple of month in New Zealand. We also met Kelly again who lived with us in Lancelin and followed the Kitetrail to Thailand. The Kitetrail now has four members. Because Kelly’s visa for Australia was about to expire, Tom and Kelly decided to go to New Zealand while Anja and Stevo continued the Kitetrail on the east coast of Australia.

We had a great time together and discovered a few fantastic kite spots.

The Kitetrail will now continue on two different places at the same time. Maybe we meet again somewhere on this trip. Don’t be surprised if you find pictures on our website from different countries taken at the same time.


Kitesurfing, Australia

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