Bye Bye Octopus

created on: 2011-05-06

The last month we have been travelling around the north island of New Zealand in a Campervan. It’s one with a really cool design of a company called Escape rentals. We got to choose between two different drawings. One had a couple of birds painted all over the car and the other one had a big Octopus on the side. We liked the sea creature better, pobably because we are here for kitesurfing, and Octopus got our new home for the next five weeks.

To stay in a campervan is a cheap way to get around in New Zealand. Especially in low season like now it’s much cheaper than staying in hostels. The only thing we didn’t think about when we rented the campervan was the high fuel price in New Zealand. This made our trip finally a bit more expensive than we thought it would be.

Sadly we had to return Octopus yesterday in Auckland. We couldn’t keep it longer because it had to go to a kind of road security test.

Before we had to return Octopus we took the chance to see Stevo and Anja. They came back to New Zealand a couple of weeks ago to stay on the ranch. We caught them right before they traveled to an other part of the world and went ice skating together. It was really nice to see them again and to hear their stories of Australia.

Soon we have to decide our next step on this trip. We found sail boats that would take us to the south pacific islands. It’s just not yet sure when we leave New Zealand and on which of the Island we end up.


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